Zorro by Isabel Allende
Book Voyage
Ah, after reading it on and off for almost three months (started back in September), I finished this book. It's not as bad as I was led to believe (not by any specific person. Just my own mistaken impression). But I agree that if you have certain expectations, you're not going to like it.

Very random thoughtsCollapse )

Kaiketsu Zorro Episode 30 (Gonzales in Love 1)
Book Voyage
My standard disclaimer: Not an accurate summary. What I don't remember and/or misremember, I make up. All you can be sure of getting here are my opinions. But even that is iffy, since I like playing devil's advocate a lot.

In which the good sergeant is in love and becomes a hero. :)Collapse )

For the record, I love this episode, in the very likely case it isn't clear by the mess above. ;)


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